Sydney Fish Market Bonanza

This weekend Nov 1 marks the start of the Snapper season in New South Wales and indeed Victoria. Paragus Auratus otherwise known as the Southern Red Snapper is an abundant fish around Australia’s southern coastline.


This weekend The Sydney Arts Guide is teaming up with the Sydney Fish Market and Bagout Charters (a melbourne based fishing charter business) to teach both Melbourne and Sydney residents about the fish, its taste and how it is caught.


For only entry prices of only $25 ticket holders will get a guided tour which includes a short trip on the Bagout charter boat and try their hand at catching a snapper. Then ticket holders will get a full guided tour of the Sydney Fish Markets where by they will get a taste of Snapper both in raw and cooked form.
For all enquiries about this guided fishing charter and tour visit the Sydney Fish Market website or Bagout Charters website where tickets can be bought for the day.
Get out there and learn more about the fish of Australia.

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Get Fit and Help the environment

One of the most important ways you can help the environment around you is to maximise your own health and well-being. When you want to help the environment, one of the simplest ways to do this is to reduce your dependency on taxis, UBERs, cars and motorbikes and instead revert to carbon neutral forms of transport such as bikes, e-bikes and public transport.


Moving to more sustainable and environmentally friendly transport comes at a cost – convenience. The only way to overcome this is to use the services of a professional motivator or personal trainer. Choosing a personal trainer to help you on your environmental journey is never easy and many have contemplated the possibility of giving up all together.

The good news is that WYN Training in Melbourne offers a broad range of the personal training courses in Melbourne at their website and for many potential students government funding is also available. The courses entail a long and complex range of benefits that other course providers and RTOs do not offer. This is mainly due to  the smaller class sizes that WYN offers, placing students in a class of only 20 students at any given time. Compared with other larger competitors such as Sage or Australian Institute of Fitness, this is a substantive and large difference.

Another key focus of WYN is that they offer some of the best Cert IV Massage Course offerings here. The Certificate IV in Massage Course is a unique product allowing students to practise massage professionally upon completion. A wide range of units are covered and the career prospects for students are great upon graduation thanks to the wide and far-reaching recognition of WYN as a preferred Registered Training Organisation.


In becoming an active part of the process of improving health and well-being, you allow yourself to help the environment, become more sustainable and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The great thing about doing this through fitness is that you get the added benefit of feeling great as well. Talk to a student coordinator today.