A Different Kind of Post

For the past three years, Sustainability Is Sexy has been wildly successful in it’s mission to promote eco-friendly coffee drinking. I’m personally proud of many achievements that dot it’s history, yet none of them are brighter than an event that occurred a few weeks ago. This past May, I married my long time sweetheart and found true happiness. Winston Churchill once stated that “my most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me”; and today I share the same deference for my own future.

My brand new wife and I are honeymooning abroad until August. Until then, blog posts will continue — albeit with new flavor. We’re traveling through SE Asia, and this new environment has many lessons in sustainability. I’ll share what I see.

Lastly, Sustainability Is Sexy cups are currently out of stock, and won’t be available until sometime after I return state side.

Nicko |Sustainability Is Sexy