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Sustainability starts at the home

Many of our readers don’t need to always spend big on sustainable projects. Sometimes simple choices around the home can make a huge difference over time. While big business uses a decent proportion of the country’s energy consumption, so too do households. Interestingly in a recent survey of households in the western city of Perth, [Continue]

Coffee Roasters Leading the Way

While coffee is popular in Canada, many people don’t know how nuts Melbourne people are about coffee. Every year they hold the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) and together with San Franciso and Tokyo it is rated one of the top hot spots in the world for all things coffee. But as we all know [Continue]

The Anatomy of a Sustainable solution

Define sustainability. What would it be? Since the term broke the mainstream barrier, it’s become the go-to term for marketing executives, the rally cry for environmentalists and an expletive for conservative politicians. When sustainability embodies such a multitude of meanings, how can the concept guide us toward better solutions? In 2009, a book titled “Strategy [Continue]

A Different Kind of Post

For the past three years, Sustainability Is Sexy has been wildly successful in it’s mission to promote eco-friendly coffee drinking. I’m personally proud of many achievements that dot it’s history, yet none of them are brighter than an event that occurred a few weeks ago. This past May, I married my long time sweetheart and [Continue]

Full Disclosure: The Power of Accounting, Reporting Software, and Carbon Transparency

(The following is a guest post by Hunter Richards, an accounting market analyst at Software Advice, which reviews project-based accounting software and other systems. This is a coffee industry-focused adaption of a previous article on carbon accounting and greenwashing which you can read here.) Greenwash (verb, \ˈgrēn-wȯsh\) – to market a product or service by [Continue]

Starbucks Forty Years Later: Socially Responsible, with an Extra Shot of Sustainability

(The following is a guest post by the University of San Francisco, in partnership with University Alliance. The University of San Francisco offers higher education opportunities through online master’s certificates, including supply chain management and sustainable supply chain management. To see additional information please visit Over the course of its forty-year history, Starbucks has [Continue]

Sydney Fish Market Bonanza

This weekend Nov 1 marks the start of the Snapper season in New South Wales and indeed Victoria. Paragus Auratus otherwise known as the Southern Red Snapper is an abundant fish around Australia’s southern coastline.   This weekend The Sydney Arts Guide is teaming up with the Sydney Fish Market and Bagout Charters (a melbourne [Continue]

Get Fit and Help the environment

One of the most important ways you can help the environment around you is to maximise your own health and well-being. When you want to help the environment, one of the simplest ways to do this is to reduce your dependency on taxis, UBERs, cars and motorbikes and instead revert to carbon neutral forms of [Continue]