Coffee Roasters Leading the Way

While coffee is popular in Canada, many people don’t know how nuts Melbourne people are about coffee. Every year they hold the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) and together with San Franciso and Tokyo it is rated one of the top hot spots in the world for all things coffee. But as we all know here, with this coffee obsession comes the cup waste problem we always keep harping on about.

But it’s not all doom and gloom my good readers. With obsession comes technological advancements and an increased willingness of consumers to care about their coffee. And this means all about their coffee, from the beans, to the roast to the packaging their are sipping out of. That’s why it comes as no surprise to find a Melbourne Micro Roaster who is ahead of the game.MMR_gov3


Not only do they advocate against the rise of the evil coffee pods (which are incredibly destructive to the environment), they also offer a great range of re-usable coffee cups made from recycled PET plastic (cups can be found here)


Great to see someone on the other side of the world keeping up the spirit of sustainability. They are proud supporters of our cause so let’s support them as well. Buy some coffee and make the world a better place.