Sustainability starts at the home

Many of our readers don’t need to always spend big on sustainable projects. Sometimes simple choices around the home can make a huge difference over time. While big business uses a decent proportion of the country’s energy consumption, so too do households. Interestingly in a recent survey of households in the western city of Perth, Australia, found that a staggering 91% of people incorrectly identified the components of their homes which used the most electricity. With electricity prices sky-rocketing in Australia due to the recent introduction of the carbon tax, consumers are constantly looking for cheaper ways to reduce their power consumption.



The biggest drawer of power in the household is 9 times out of 10 the heating or cooling devices which regulate the home’s temperature.

Some households have already invested in roof and wall insulation which helps the efficiency of these temperature regulation devices but that will only get you half the way. Designing homes in hot areas in Perth is a struggle due to the scorching heat. But with careful planning and some wise doorway choices which promote the breeze, the convection currents in the home can be harnessed to allow cooler air to enter and hotter air to escape.


However, the 6’oclock news bulletins and their scaremongering don’t do the parents any favours when it comes to fearing for their safety. So fearful are some residents that they openly admit, they keep their doors closed at all times, sometimes sacrificing the need to get cooler air into their homes.


There’s a solution – it’s sustainable, it’s affordable, and now thanks to KNA Doors and their new website, it’s easier than ever. Simply pick the security door that you need, pick the frame styling and get it installed in under 1 day.


So we say, get out there, open your doors, let the breeze in and cool down your house the natural way, with security assured.